Talent and Organization Performance

PROEX Consultancy Talent & Organization Performance offers an integrated suite of proven strategies, methods, tools and deeply skilled resources that help businesses and governments achieve high performance by transforming the performance of their people.

PROEX Consultancy is focused on helping clients successfully manage change in an environment that is global, multi-polar, multi-cultural, cross-generational, and virtual – and changing at an accelerating pace. This is achieved using methods-based, data-driven, tailored solutions to increase the pace and certainty of successful organizational change.

The scope of this Offering Group covers the entire lifecycle of a change program and includes the following core offerings.
  • Change Strategy – Bringing proven change architectures and best practices to help clients navigate change.
  • Organization Change Enablement – Enabling clients to manage their organizational change efforts, such as the transition to outsourcing, system and process change, and large-scale transformation, among others. Within Organization Change Enablement, there are three sub-offerings:
Change Capability Development – Helping clients achieve sustainable performance improvements within their organizations from their change programs.
  • Understand client’s organization and change management issues, explain the factors involved and shape organizational solutions to deliver value to the client
  • Additional responsibilities in at least one of the following PROEX Consultancy offering areas:
  • Change Strategy
  • Application of the change architectures, models, and frameworks used to execute global, multi-polar, multi-workforce, cross-generational, or multi-cultural, complex change successfully.
  • Assist client executives communicate frameworks, cultural norms, and stakeholder engagement practices

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